View Full Version : LF> Team for eSports

01-02-2016, 03:40 PM
I'm look for a team for competitive/eSports. I have a few people interested but would rather get into an already established organization than start my own. If you're a TEAM or an organization for competitive, NOT a community, please message me on Xbox Live. Feel free to look at my overall stats and character stats.

I currently have a 10.0 W/L and 1.3 K/D, my K/D is all over the place though. Some matches I drop a 3.0, then I'll drop a .5, then a 1.5, etc. I do not play to just kill the opponent, I play objective based. Planting defusers, getting inside the biohazard, escorting hostage, etc. I can play ANY operator, shield characters are not my lingo though. I typically play as Thatcher/Thermite and Castle/Bandit but I can play any role. I know call-outs and communicate very well and considering this is a game that requires communication I don't see how anyone couldn't. If you're looking for a well-rounded player or even group of players if you want to get my buddies in on this, shoot me a message. We'll play a couple matches to see what you think.

Please do not message me in regards to your clan, team, org, etc. if you aren't going to follow through on offers.