View Full Version : LF West Coast Division Players/Guilds.

01-02-2016, 12:22 AM
Hello all! im a 22m from seattle, bit of a more than casual player looking for a group of people to play with once this game comes out. i have a lot of experience in end game content like this one is promising. If i intend to do any kind of raid i stick it out all the way through the end.
my play times are usually very late or early morning, something like 11pm-3am or 7am-1pm West coast time
looking for people that play within this time frame
please give me a message on here or an email (zachy190@gmail.com) my gamertag is Dagunslinger19 so feel free to message me on xbox live.

Celtic Surfer
01-22-2016, 03:55 PM
What's up, DaGunslinger!

The Urban Irregulars (UI) is looking for gamers. We are located everywhere. We currently have members from all over the North and South America, as well as the UK and EU. We even have one or two members from Australia. If you’re looking for a group of folks to take back New York with, check out the UI. We are a multi-platform community of gamers that are centered around The Division. Here’s what we’re all about:

1 - No KOS/Premeditated PK (But we will have themed nights as Rogues to a corrupt Division and of course, defending teammates who become rogue inadvertently or revenge killing griefers not currently in rogue status).
2 - No team killing unless a member of your squad continues breaking rule 1.
3 - Every effort will be made by our members to defend lone wolves not breaking rules 1 or 2 at every opportunity. This is good for recruitment and encourages solo players positive experience in the DZ.
4 - Be respectful of your squadmates. “We’re not all special snowflakes.”
5 - Share the loot.
6 - Just kidding, 5 things are enough.

We have a Twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/urban_irregulars) where the streamers that we have are going to be scheduling out a 24-hour live stream. It will eventually evolve into regularly programmed content (ex. Q&A with the Director Fridays, DZ Saturdays, etc.). We also have a YouTube channel, dedicated Discord chat servers, and even an Extra Life team started.

If this sounds like a community that you would be interested in partnering with, check out http://www.urbanirregulars.com.