View Full Version : ACS basic things (WTF?)

12-31-2015, 03:57 AM
This game has very weird things

you have to go to the pause menu to change the basic primary weapons? neither i cant see the selected primary weapons when i press the atack button.

free jumps? examples: i cant jump from a roof to the void or i cant jump being on the floor.

its very difficult to do accurate jumps to diagonal direction.

the faith jump looks like the guy flies because the fall is totally diagonal. -> /

when I do an aerial kill from the rope, jacob/evie falls instead of jumping and the fall correct itself in the air. Its very unrealistic.

the camera doesnt move when I am standing on the edge of the roofs.

oher thing
since ACIII, there are icons in the middle of the screen besides the gps. now, there are many players with this game who want to quit that but they cant. why? the game is too obvious and easy with that (in my opinion)