View Full Version : Ubisoft.....we need your help!

12-29-2015, 03:09 PM
To whom it may concern, I think I speak for all the players when I say this game could be one of the great games out there today, considering its unique gameplay but there is a lot of pretty big issues people are having. the ranking system is not working since your patch, connection issues has gotten worse, when people play casual , all the problems seem to be worse than ranked.Just yesterday I seen something that was new for me. we was playing on the plane and playing bomb. this guy planted a long ways away from the bomb behind some airline seats. the whole group I was with got upset. I meen , I just don't understand your reasons for not rushing on getting this taken care of. I myself was never real big on any of the Rainbow games. all the movements in all the games has always felt clunky. kinda robotic and slow. till this day it still feels the same. graphics has always felt under done with what todays games are like. the gameplay that rainbow 6 siege has or should I say the stadegy gameplay is awesome! even with that said , there still lies many problems. ive climbed the roofs with grapple hooks and once ive reached the top id get stuck. I would have to lay down just to move. my camera falling threw the map. theres so much I could list. I just hope you guys fix this. Im not gonna say im not gonna keep the game cuz I know I will. I just hope its fixed. thanks guys for your hard work and I know you guys are busy but I really hope your not like some gaming companies that don't respond or get on top of the matter, thanks again.