View Full Version : Do you want Co-Op for the next AC title? *POLL*

12-28-2015, 10:50 PM
I am personally a fan of Co-op, and I felt like Syndicate (which I liked) could've been really better with Co-Op.

12-28-2015, 10:56 PM
Co op in Unity was basically a novelty for me. I played each mission once, and a few multiple times, but it never was really something I could get lost in.

If the existence of co op was indeed one of the things that contributed to Unity's issues, then I absolutely do not want it in future releases until they get those issues figured out.

12-29-2015, 04:25 AM
Yes, I'd like to see more online co-op - it has great potential.

Why are there two "no" options?

12-29-2015, 10:30 AM
Definitive "no" from me. The last several AC games have felt unfinished or derivative already; the last thing I want is for them to tack on another mode and deliver another buggy, unpolished embarrassment.