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Krabbel un Hyde
12-28-2015, 09:18 PM
To Whom it may concern!

I wanted Ubisoft to know that since game relase I am barley able to play this game. I play with a couple of friends together, who I also talked into buying the title... as soon as we are more than two persons forming a squad from the lobby the following things happen to more than 70% of the matches:

1) one or more person get an error and / or discconect so that we all have to leave matchmaking and regroup mutliple times.
2) while in game on a very regular basis (more than a half of all games) at least on person gets kicked from the game before a match ends. the person not gaining renown and destroying our whole "squad of friends" experience.
3) in one fourth of the games (that we succed to complete together) we donīt earn any renown, which also sucks because some of us are (including me) sometimes playing with bought (real life money) boosters.
4) today in the last two hours we spent 1 hour in matchmaking and getting disconnects. in the 4 matches we were able to play nobody earned any renown.

- ranked is for the already mentioned reasons not playable and you spent even more time in matchmaking
how can that be? is there any way to get recompensation for the spend money on boosters? why do I spent more time in matchmaking than playing this fullprized title?
I am sincerly angry... how can a multiplayer designed title be so bad in matchmaking and stabilty?

oh.. and by the way : all of us have nat open...some even play with their xbox one as exposed host, so the fault cannot be on our side

I have never been so pissed because of a game ...because if the game actualy runs...it is one of the best titles I have ever played..please do something about that. I would also be glad if you would let me know how to get at least a small recompensation for my misspent money on the booster and the time lost wainting....(which is a lot if you look at how much time i already spent in the game and in the beta)....

12-28-2015, 10:31 PM
Agreed, same **** going on with PC version.. Have yet to seen any announcement what-so-ever about that the issue is being worked on, we know its the holidays but for christ sake, fix the friggin game so itīs atleast playable..

12-29-2015, 12:05 PM
+1 And agreed on the first post.