View Full Version : The Conspiracy Theory; (perfect for AC).

12-28-2015, 05:18 PM
If there were infinite dimensions, there would be a super-dimension or super-dimensions which encompassed infinity. In a super-dimension, dimensions would bond, and there would be common dimensional-bonds.

The infinite dimensional network (super-dimension), would be chaos that may create harmony.

If there were infinite dimensions, there would be an infinite amount of dimensions that were related.

Multiple circle dimensions, multiple triangle dimensions and multiple other dimensions.

In super-dimensions, circle dimensions may find harmony with other circle dimensions, and other dimensions. In a specific super-dimension, circle dimensions would find harmony with other circle dimensions, and other dimensions.

If there were infinite super-dimensions, there would be an array of super-dimensions that encompassed an amount of dimensions, ranging from nil to infinity; infinite infinity-dimensions and infinite nil-dimension.

A super-dimension can encompass another super-dimension; a super-dimension can be simplified to a dimension when encompassed by another super-dimension. In infinite super-dimensions, super-dimensions would become dimensions in other super-dimensions. This would create original, sometimes traditional, dimensional-bonds.

In a super-dimension, dimensions bond. In infinite super-dimensions, dimensions and super-dimensions bond. A super-dimension that encompasses another super-dimension has the potential of harmony. A super-dimension free of other super-dimensions can only be chaotic.

A dimension is an individual, it can bond with other dimensions in a super-dimension. A super-dimension is a group of individual, or grouped, dimensions; it can bond with other super-dimensions.

A cluster of circle and triangle dimensions, match and bond with another cluster in a super-dimension. This bond is unoriginal; it is found in other super-dimensions due to the nature of infinity. A different super-dimension that encompasses the exact same bond, bonds with the initial super-dimension. This bond can be original, but can also be unoriginal, due to the nature of infinity.

Original bonds create original super-dimensions. The super-dimension that bonds with another, may have matching dimensions as well as different dimensions; the different dimensions of super-dimensions are forced to bond or repent when there is a central bond of matching dimensions.

A super-dimension can encompass original super-dimensions; there can be bonds of original and unoriginal super-dimensions. The original super-dimensions would make original bonds and encompass original dimensions; there would always be a source of originality due to the nature of infinity.

Any super-dimension that bonds with an original super-dimension, is original itself. An original super-dimension continues to be original as long as it bonds with another super-dimension, or if the original dimensions and bonds it encompasses fluctuate. All bonds between super-dimensions that include an original super-dimension are original bonds. There can be original bonds with unoriginal super-dimensions; such bonds are primal.

There are two different original bonds; primal and non-primal. A primal bond is a source of originality where as a non-primal bond is an original fluctuation.

Primal bonds are sources of originality; given a primal bond, original fluctuation can happen. Non-primal bonds are original fluctuation. When the non-primal bonds with the primal, there is probability; it's probable or improbable an original fluctuation will happen. A super-dimensional bond is possibility or probability-driven; given probability, it is the result of primal-bonds, and possibility, where it is the result of non-primal-bonds.

If infinite dimensions existed, there would be primal and non-primal bonds that bonded with each other in a super-dimension; the bond would be a result of many super-dimensions who's bond was non-primal in a super-dimension created of primal bonds.

Given infinite dimensions exist, so does the universe.