View Full Version : Crazy question about a tournament

12-27-2015, 03:49 PM
What do you think about having a tournament. I would really like to see a tournament on the new Ghost Recon Wildlands. Although we a re not sure PVP is in the game but if it is I feel Wildlands should have tournaments. Now this will be hard to imagine if there is no pvp mode since ghost recon kept the core of pvp. Also I would like to see a tournament set for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I seen a video years back that they did a GRFS tournament or a team vs team when the game came out. Now this may not have spark well because people knew little about the game and didn't put on too much of a good show as we play at the moment. I feel since wildlands is a upcoming game that Future Soldier should be given one last spotlight to show us as a community of how good we are and what we learned in Future Soldier that will be carried to Wildlands. Anyone think this a good idea?