View Full Version : Operator Customization/Load-out Configurations.

12-26-2015, 05:31 AM
This is a thought that has been bothering me for way too long. I immensely dislike the thought of pre-configured load-outs and operators/specialists, it seems we've gone back in time. I do understand the need for this in casual play, however in a ranked match, if done correctly, most will work as a team, for the team. This brings me to my question. Why put a limitation on weapon configurations, armor configurations, special deployables etc? I have been playing Tom Clancy games since Rogue Spear, by far, my most favored version of the Clancy universe is Lockdown and Vegas (1). Why not allow each player to customize their load-out, armor, brandish whichever precinct, etc. I hate how i'm forced to play a character that doesn't work for ME. I know several members of the community would also agree with this and some would argue otherwise but there is and has to be a way to balance such a change and it's rather simple, every character comes with a counter. Each counter is significantly more overwhelming to said operator or skill set. I just hope Ubisoft understands and knows a lot of their older community members and followers may be a bit, well, discouraged from continuing future endeavors with the studio. In the mean-time while Ubi contemplates how to implement more features and surely, more dlc, I'll stick to playing Sledge and Bandit when possible. :nonchalance: I'm open to other suggestions and opinions, I just miss what we've come so far along for.

12-29-2015, 07:06 PM
Well, i always compare it to Star Wars Battlefront 1-2 where you had only classes and no real loadouts. You had to chose between having a good gadget and maybe a weapon you dont like or a Weapon you like but a gadget thats not thaat good. Now we have battlefront "3" and everybody who played the old games says classes are way better.
Same here for me. I like the classes a lot. Wouldnt like it that much if it had no classes. Its just some thing i cant actually explane but its good :D

12-29-2015, 07:14 PM
I envision a future where 5 defenders all pick Rook's special skill for their custom toons. That way everyone can have some armor, amirite?