View Full Version : Requesting support for the Avatar 3 - Just Dance Group Competition in the Philippines

12-25-2015, 06:46 AM
A good day to my friends, our loyal supporters, and our passionate community managers.

Four years ago, I have decided to create an online community of Kinect players here in our country particularly in Facebook. I, with the help of my admins and members, organize events for all of us to get together and have fun. As time progresses and new games are developed, Just Dance 2014 to be particular, we have decided to take our events to another level. I had a vision of combining a dance competition, a gaming and a cosplay event all in one package, thus the creation of the Avatar Just Dance Group Competition. The event was successful that it had spawned a second competition which produced a numerous amount of unbelievable performances and was by far, better than the previous competition. By the second competition, I have no knowledge of the international community and was focusing on our local events, until I was introduced to Ubi Mouss.

Since then, I have thought of making our community here legitimate. I have been viewing videos on Youtube and I was amazed of how diverse the JD community is, but I highly believe that our community here is unique because most of the members here play in the arcades. Just Dance became a boom even being featured in a nationwide television show including members of the community. In everywhere you go here, there is an XBOX unit available for rent, and that gave birth to the rise of different groups comprising our community.

Through the years, I was able to make our community grow because of constant traveling and research. We were able to push through with our events because of our tie ups, sponsorship and a lot of times, by my wallet. Sometimes I feel discouraged to continue and wished to quit, but my undying love and vocation to the community keeps me from pushing forward, but this time since the event is bigger, we might greatly need your help. I have been watching fan made videos sponsored by Ubisoft and that gave me an idea to request for your support. I also believe that the mechanics we have created for this event was never used in an international scale so we are introducing it to everyone so the other communities can use it and create the same event in the future. I am not looking forward to any remuneration on the efforts that I have been putting up, I just want to represent our country and the community and would like to share the beauty of the presentations that our competition has been putting up. All in the name and love for the game.

There is so much I would like to share but I believe my post should end for now. I am really looking forward to all your replies.

Thank you very much and God bless! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!

12-30-2015, 03:01 PM
Hi PaO.PH!

I've heard about your events and I've already seen many cool videos on YouTube and here in the forum. We really appreciate your effort you put through to make this happen!
I know you are already in touch with Ubi-Mouss but feel free to contact me as well for any kind of support, I will be more than happy to help.

Wish you all the best for the New Year and Merry Christmas (in late) !