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12-24-2015, 03:38 AM
Tell me fellow Co-op Terrorist Hunters, what do you do, what do you play for? I have all characters unlocked, and have zero interest in those absurd skins, this isn't CoD.

Terrorist Hunt Pros:
Good Mission Variability. (Lots of Modes)
Fun and fast paced games.
Satisfying and responsive shooting.
Fun Gadgets that let you complete objectives different ways.

Terrorist Hunt Cons:
Limited use of only attackers, only use defenders 25% of the time.
Weapon limitations to classes, why does it matter who you use or what weapons when you are playing defuse the bomb, it's attack and defend.
Why no helmets on recruits, or modify recruit weapons. Why send someone unequiped to do the job into a high profile mission, is this some sort of sadistic hazing?
Why do these missions other than the presidential plane mission require CTU vs a local SWAT team or foreign equivalent.
No reason for renown once all the characters are unlcoked. Most folks play with the same 3~ toons, what now, give us weapons or other stuff to unlock, not resiculous skins.

What Terrorist Hunt needs: (This negates the need for new model assets and huge)
Weapons available for all units for their respected nationality.
Skins that are realistic, OD, CB, or other colors for the plastic furniture on weapons.
Support items, grenades,smokes,flashbangs available to all characters, defense and attackers. Thermite needs flashbangs...
A reason to level up, I'm level 47 all from Terrorist Hunt, what does it mean?
Let us have terrorist hunt squads and some sort of leader boards. Fastest Hostage Extraction, quickest bomb defusal, etc.
Some sort of stats for matches, headshots, games played on Normal/Hard/Realistic. Accuracy and so on.

I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. And if you haven't seen this, check it out.

Please delete post. Reposting on feedback forum.

12-27-2015, 06:40 AM
The game has options to...

Pick which modes you want to play, pick which maps you want to play on.


Has no option to make the time limit optional in hard/realistic terrorist hunts.

I am sure there are people who can do hard/realistic easily without running out of time but vegas 1+2 had plenty of time limit options including no time limit so why not give us this option on the menu?

After all "normal" terrorist hunt has no time limit so option is clearly in game.

12-28-2015, 07:33 AM
You need to add the ability to lone wolf Terrorist hunt or do it with AI. 1 you said we would be able to. 2 it gets boring doing multiplayer over and over. 3 it would make the people who cant stay online all the time happy.

01-03-2016, 01:02 PM
OP has it all spot-on! All that and TH offline!

01-04-2016, 06:14 AM
I'm not going to complain because I love this game. But to shut fans and stop having them bash r6s put an offline terrorist hunt on normal random maps and and siturations and the option for offline friendly bots and you pick who goes with you. Now I know you will say can't do that...yeah you can. Do this for PvP also with random ai. Because your losing money and fans with your servers. There are so many times when people are doing well And then get kicked. Everyone doesn't like your already offline mode because we can't chose who we use. No fun at all. NO FUN. Please hear this fan out. Also more people like an offline game than online. You never hear them because they are offline. For example. I play r6s and battlefront online. I play battlefront cods evolve payday gears chivary offline. Get the point. I'm trying to sale your game to my friends. I can't do it when they ask any good Offline mode to practice before playing online or why should I get this game I don't want to by internent. But if a game is that good they would get internet. I mean why should they get internet if they have a phone. They get it for a game that they can play on and offline in case the internet fails or the servers. I love this game But I only completed half my games. It says 31h but I have played more like 60h but I keep getting dropped and waiting on a match any match. My two cents. Hope you read this and don't take it wrong. I have the game I love the game but the way things are I miss playing the game. It's like having cake in front of you and can't taste the frosting because you don't have a tounge.