View Full Version : Assassins Creed Unity. PC exclusive RELEASE how to beat next gen console with r9 270x

12-22-2015, 03:31 PM
The game has been patched and it has had its problems but it seems to run better on my GPU now than it did at launch. Essentially no giitches other than spikes here and there... However, I found a way to make the game so much more fun (IT FELT BETTER FOR ME THAN ASSASSINS CREED SYNDICATE!)

The reason I am releasing the specs that made AC UNITY fun for me is, to see this game come back with more stability and a new story in the future, and to share some of the greatest next gen experiences with a mid range pc while playing this amazing game (Id give it a 9/10 after removing all the glitches and adding a bit more refinement)

First, the graphics biggest part and biggest change from ps4:

PS4 estimated specs
- Essentially all very high to high settings with FXAA. No soft shadows, no HBAO+, and no 1080p (its at 900p locked to 30fps)

PC specs that equal to ps4 specs (these r not the specs u want but they make it equal to the ps4):
- Environment: Very High
- Textures: High
- Shadows: High
- Bloom: On
- Ambient Occlusion: SSAO
- Resolution on 1600x900
- V-synch on
- Brightness 5/10
These specs are bad and glitchy because the ps4's version of AC Unity has more patches than PC (to define it simply). These settings will essentially look better on PC than they do on ps4 but the frame rate it costs is not worth it.

- Environment: Ultra
- Textures: Ultra
- Shadows: High
- Bloom: On
- Ambient Occlusion: HBAO+
- Resolution on 1368x768 (this resolution will make the quality so much better when adding the final setting)
- V-synch on (it makes it more smooth and takes away artifacts)
- Brightness 4/10 (YES! this is what makes the pc version so much better. Most of the unrealistic textures and colors that take you out of the game and also require massive processing powers are too bright in this game!)

I dont know if the game testers missed this but yes the game on PC will look 10 times better and run at 60fps with those settings on a 270x card. If you have a higher powered GPU feel free to bump up the resolution. The biggest difference between PC and PS4 is the ability to customize the graphics. The game looks much more realistic when decreasing the brightness by one level and the resolution decrease on PC is fairly unnoticeable due to FXAA just bluring edges anyway. In the end, it is the visual output that matters and with the extra features such as ultra textures and HBAO mixed with greater contrast, you will get even greater visuals than the ps4. Try it out...

12-22-2015, 05:15 PM
i dont see how 1368x768 will EVER look better than FULL HD (1080p)
if you have 100% same settings and we are only talking about Resolution, then the higher the better, ofc you need to keep at playable FPS, playable to you that is dont matter what everyone else think is playable (to me its 35+, 40-45+ and i see no lag what so ever) but some ppl wont go for <60 FPS and thats fine. and then theres the 120FPS and 144FPS "freaks" cause that takes 3-4 way xfire/sli