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12-22-2015, 01:23 PM
In order to get ready for Jack the Ripper I decided to finish up the main game, and I finally got Koh-i-nor and Without a Grudge last night. I couldn't really find any decent guides for some of the more annoying Perks so here are a few tips:

First when trying to grind a perk find a good memory to replay. Loads of people on the net seem to run around collecting Royal Guards to fight, don't do this. Find a good fight just before a checkpoint, do what you need to do, then reload the checkpoint and do it again. The other reason why this is best is that it auto refils all your ammo, you don't need to waste time buying more.

Secondly, do everything else first so you can get as many of these naturally as possible. Most of the other perks I got naturally, these were the hard ones.

Thirdly this is all very grindy and will take quite a lot of time - only for completionists!


Quadra Kill
The fist fight in the Strand. You can get quadra kills in rounds 4, 6 & 7. Blow through the other rounds as quickly as possible and take your times in those rounds. You can get up to 5 quadra kills a play through if you do it perfectly. Fully upgraded Jacob should be able to bring these guys to near death in one hit. Counter, then hit that guy once, then wait to counter a new guy. That should avoid you setting off your chain of kills too early. If one of the guys who is near death takes a swing at you either suck it up or try to run out of the way, don't counter them.

Counter Shot
Sequence 6 Memory 1. Run into the courtyard and past the pillar in the middle. Draw your gun and fire in the air to get the police on you without killing anyone. If you fight to close to the entrance your gang members will run in to help you and mess things up so try to stay on the far side of the courtyard past the pillar. Just run around, there are enough police there that you should be able to get 1 or 2 countershots per go. When there are only a few cops left you can either reload or try to set them up for a triple/quadra kill /multi counter kill. This is also a great place to get the near death recovery perk as they will be wailing on you and you will be chewing down medicine.

Multi Counter Kill
Sequence 2 Memory 1 Kill the first five guards and then run over the family cowering in the train. At this point there should be two guards jumping on to the top of the train. Follow them, don't crouch, stand right behind them and whistle. if you do it right they will notice you simultaneously and immediately do a multi attack. if it doesn't work just sit there and let them hit you until they attack together, at most it should take about 6 hits before they do a joint attack. As they are so weak you can immediately multi counter kill them. When you reload the checkpoint you will start immediately before them, after the family. This is a great spot to get no ticket as well, just attack them and do single kills, you should kick them off the train half the time, then reload.

Road Rage
The strip of narrow alley in Whitechapel at the very edge of the map. Get a big, fast cart (fire engine or police cart work) and drive down the road over and over. When you see a guy boost (space) towards him rather than ram (lmb). boosting works better they tend to dodge rams. You should get 2 pops a drive along the alley. Just turn around and head back down. this place is good because it is very narrow so it is hard for them to dodge and very low level so they die easily.

London Drift
Playing with Mouse and Keyboard I had to reconfigure my controls for this one as there were too many inputs for my keyboard - I put boost on the mouse. Get yourself the small one seater carriage and an open section of road. Hold down forwards, brake and keep on pressing boost. Then go left and right alternately. Your carriage should start to fishtail and each of these counts as a drift, needing five to get one credit. If you start to go too slowly stop brakeing, build some speed up and repeat.

Gone Lawing
There is a trick here! Get your hands on a police cart any old way. Lose any heat you have. Recruit a gang member and get them to join you in the cart. Start driving. Press R to stand on the roof. Your gang member will take the reins. Press e to start driving again and you will get credit for hijacking the police cart again. Repeat.

Riding Shotgun
Sequence 4 Memory 6 The Crate Escape. Once you steal the cart there is a nice long section where you can quick fire from the back of it. When you get to the train tracks to jump down reload the checkpoint. With a powerful end game gun you should just one hit kill everything. Should take two or three playthroughs to unlock.

Shoot the Messenger
If it hasn't already unlocked just replay some of the end game gang strongholds, one in Westminster has like three of these guys.

Cover Assasinate & Knife Kill
Charles Darwins Memory 3 Recollections Steal from the people and return to Enzio. Then go to the house where he is. reload the checkpoint when you get there and he starts talking to his henchmen. You will be in the garden. There are 2 people outside, 2 on the ground floor, 1 on the first floor and 3 on the second floor. Clear the house how you like. If you ever trigger enzio just reload the checkpoint. Generally I got 3 knife kills in the garden then moved inside for corner kills. this is probably the best place to get these two as there are loads of single guards and lots of cover to use.

I used Sequence 7 Memory 4 Motion to Impeach but any big fight is good. Jump down from the church, run up to the gates to get the police after you. Run just inside and then back round to the other gate on the left. That gives you six police to play with. Drop a bomb, wait for them to fully recover (they should go back into guard/attack you etc) then drop another bomb. Then reload. If you go too far forwards you will trigger the minister and the game will save, avoid this.

Vanish in Smoke
If you need a few more I used Sequence 4 Memory 2. Drop down and grab the attention of the patrol leaving the courtyard on the right. (I generally assassinated the leader). Then immediately drop a smoke bomb, run forwards under the train tracks and grapple your way onto the top of the building. Crouch. Sit on the top of the roof. You should get credit after a couple of secs. Reload.


No Ticket
Sequence 2 Memory 1Same place as multi counter kill. just attack the two guys doing single kills. Hopefully you will kick them off. Then reload.

A Broad Base
This requires befriending the guy in the helix rift as well as everyone in the main map.

Look Out Below
Sequence 4 Memory 2. Right at the start one guy is standing under the barrels. If you wait a bit two more guards will go over to him.

Opium Scourge
Hitting guys hiding around a fire is a good start but you can just keep on shooting at different people so can get this anywhere there are 4 enemies.

Without a Grudge
Boring. Get a big tall cart (fire engine, stagecoach) I found the best place to get this was the long road running past St Pancreas in the Strand. One end of the road is the edge of the map and you want to turn round when you get to the city of London. This spot is good because it is straight, there are loads of bollards, awnings and lampposts on both sides of the road and a nice wide turning space at each end. When you get to the city of London there are fewer bollards so you will notice it and turn there. I reckon you get about 75-100 objects a side of the road and a circuit takes a couple of minutes. the grind is going to take you half an hour to an hour.

Hope this was helpful.

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