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12-22-2015, 01:52 AM
The story is set in the modern world (~the year 2000). The Assassin is like Altair, a silent-type, except he talks like a recluse {i.e. Squall from FFVIII} and is a lot more fearful.

He has a daughter who means more than the world to him, she is very poetic and in this game she is a teenager.

He is the best there is with the Animus, a master of the lineage of Assassins and assassinations, so much so he has flashbacks of the past when he's not connected.

He talks profoundly. His voice takes on a sad and deadly tone; and his attitude is aggressive but fatherly.

He is a know it all, but when it comes to making sense out of the flashbacks, he finds that he can't.

He works for no-one but himself, as an animal hunts it's prey and acknowledges only those in the pack.

His faith is with the Earth, his daughter, and those who are his support. He moves alike a shadow, and assassinates top political figures of whom he deemed to be demonic (and himself, angelic).

He leaves cryptic, philosophical messages behind based around saving the planet, "the conspiracy is within!", "I am making the sacrifice...", "liar liar" (in reference to the death of some politician}.

In attempting the decipher the flashbacks, he finds that the conspiracy is the words people use! He finds the answer in history of Altair; he sees that the people were being enslaved by their tongues.

He is confused because he talks himself, but he believes in the truth that words are the root of evil.

He studies art over the course of the game, and a delusion comes over him near the end of his studies after he had found the answer. In this delusion, temporarily he is able to access secret memories when not connected to the Animus, and no word crosses his mind.

As well as these abilities, reality alters somewhat for him.

He takes off into a perilous flight, of various beautiful swirling colours of nature, and imagination before unseen and unknown. It is relative to a wordless world {i.e. Utopia, Heaven} and a more visual thought.

This would play out as more of a primal illusion rather than a dream; hellish optical illusions that are heavenly for him {i.e. Eagle Vision but less logical}.

It ends gracefully, and the truth of the matter takes over.

From this point onward his flashbacks no longer come but instead he gets artistic visualizations.

Contrary to prior games this game would be more linear, but with a beautifully crafted story and amazing graphics.

At the start of a mission is a thrilling switch scene, where the assassin is found deep within the location of his target.

{i.e. There would be a scene where he saves his daughter, for example, where he is discovered desperately and emotionally breaking through a hardened window to enter a cruise ship covertly}.

The secret here is that, as he is a know-it-all, his entry is always a wise one that the game doesn't show.

In the beginning, it's a thrilling atmosphere, and towards the end of the game it's an emotional atmosphere with thrill included.

{i.e. His prior actions are reflected back at him artistically at the end. For example, he said in the past to his daughter, 'no-one breaks your heart and gets away with it'.

Her heart is broken by a villain who killed her friend (she is taken away through cruel espionage, for the lie that he is still alive).

As the assassin breaks into the cruise ship, the glass cuts into a rose tattoo on his right hand - at the same moment that her heart is broken, as the villain reveals himself to her. An image of rose resounds in the assassin's mind - he enters the ship, exhausted, and after some moments it switches to gameplay {i.e. GTA V switch over}}.

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