View Full Version : Ubisoft please focus on the main storyline

12-20-2015, 11:40 PM
I am keen to know if others feel the same but seriously this game used the chase scenario far too often. I don't mind the occasional run and catch someone or the occasional carriage chase but I just found it was used way too much in Syndicate. It was also too subject to random events interfering with your ability to complete missions, such as being rammed by two fire engines simultaneously whilst chasing another carriage, having a damn horse bight you and stopping you when chasing someone or following the GPS only to turn into a lane that has 8 carts blocking it ahead of you. If that was programmed on purpose, well that is just even more annoying.

As for the chasing people across rooftops like the Spring Heeled jack missions, I just found them incredibly frustrating that the game deliberately blocked you from completing the chase to prolong it (same with one of the WW1 missions) and all the while I just got more and more frustrated to the point of zero enjoyment.

There is challenge and there is challenge, if I want to do those sort of missions there are plenty of platform games I can play. If I want to race a carriage/Cart or whatever and smash stuff and try and beat NPC's or a timer I'll play Mario Kart. In Australia ACS is rated MA15+ so why does Ubi appear to be targeting a lower age group with this type of content?

All the effort that must have gone into the Robert Topping loyalty missions could have been diverted into more challenging and longer campaign missions where you were actually achieving something to progress the game not just receive another redundant weapon that you have to collect stuff to craft and then spend money on to upgrade.

The last 2 AC games have for me descended into a series of arcade games where challenging strategic game play and story development has been diluted. I do not want to spend 50 hours of gameplay doing a mini-Olympics of, Boxing, triathlon, carriage racing and constantly competing against a clock or chasing people. For me it is boring, frustrating and over-utilised to bloat the game.

I am sure there are many out there who enjoy this but for me as an older PC player it is not why I started playing AC for from the first game. The games used to be filled with rich story telling, interesting environments and characters you truly grew attached to, hell even NPC's that you cared about (Ezio's sister, Adewale, Mary Read etc..). In all the previous titles before Unity, I never got frustrated playing if I stuffed up a mission (by being detected etc.) and had to start it again because I knew I had done something wrong or used the wrong strategy and because I felt the mission was important in embracing being an assassin and important to the overall story. Failing a mission because a horse bit you or a random carriage takes you out or the player character suddenly decides to climb a lamp post while in stealth on the other hand is for me infuriating. It made me feel like I was playing Liberation all over again and I can honestly say trying to get 100% in that game almost made me explode ;-)

When I started ACS I thought Ubi had gotten over the technological disaster and lightweight story of Unity however by sequence 4 I just realised that it wasn't better just different and frustrating for the reasons stated above and others.

The dual characters and having to change from one to the other - hated it. Let me play as one or the other and change the content slightly for each character and instantly you have a game that most will want to play twice. Give me a final sequence like in Syndicate and all you do is annoy the hell out of me.

I feel duped by this game because Unity burnt me badly and I had no intention of buying Syndicate. Then the reviews came out and in particular the Australian show "Good Game" review and I thought well if Hex and Bajo say it's 4.5 and 5.00 out of 5 I'll pay my $100 bucks. I do not regret buying the game but I regret I didn't wait and get it cheaper.

This game to me was a roller coaster ride, some parts good, some parts bad but I'd give it a 3 and say overall it was only enjoyable enough at times to keep me playing. I intended carrying on and collecting stuff and finally getting full loyalty for Rob Topping, however having just attempted the 2nd Queen Victoria mission and seeing it was a timed carriage event............. sorry that's all folks.

Anyway sorry that was way longer than I intended.