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12-19-2015, 08:13 PM
elite unit from bastion sandwyvern is too weak... , idk why but it has only 4 attack and defense, as elite, really? why? some cores have more, its abilities are also bad-decent
earth resistent is nothing Special but ok, his regenaration ability is way too weak with only 20 hp what can't even rezz a wyvern, so his stats are weak and his skills dont make up for it, please buff this unit, give it more attack and defense and give it a better regen, i would Change regen so that it scales with the size of stacks, f.e 1 wyvern has 5 regen, so 10 wyvern will have 50 regen, 20 wyvern will have 100 regen and so on, u can Change the numbers of course, all depends how much u want to buff it but it Needs one, almost all other Basic elite Units are much stronger, either better stats or/and better abilities, the wyvern has high ini and movement and can fly but that doesnt make up for it

another Point is preoritaners shield wall, now it has been finally fixed that shielded Units can't retiliate but now it is OP, the skill is reducing too much damage and makes defensive tactics way too strong, i can easily avoid any Units i would always loose if i choose quick combat by idling my army together with the abilty united we stand and shield wall everyone, what will give so much defense and damage reduction that barely anything will seriously damage me and then u can aoe heal and cel armor ure entire Group simply OP

dont get me wrong the light spells arent too stroing, since they have been nerfed already, the are fine but i suggest nerfing shield wall by around 50% and making the preoritaner weaker stats wise, just because his skill is so strong, the only disadvantage about him are aoe spells, only hereos have these, i think even dmg of Units with aoe moves are reduced by defense and shield wall but not sure here

i'll uptade the list if i find more Balance Problems (-:

12-20-2015, 02:10 PM
1. heal spell is very strong against undeads, i just finished my first small skirmish map yesterday and when u AOE it against undeads it is very powerful for its costs, idk if it is a good Thing that such a simple spell can be that powerful that easy, if u use it to heal ure army and also damage the enemy's army at the same time, it is really too much.... the spell is not even that expensive since it is a Tier 1 spell

i suggest reducing its radius from 4x4 to 3x3, so it cant be as easily exploited anymore, the effect of the spell isnt strong so it is good that it has some side effect but beside the 3x3 Change i would reduce its damage from the current x3 of the amount healed to 2.5, undeads already take 25% more damage from light...every undead... i see the lore Point in some factions having Advantage or resistances but it should not be overdone, necro is very weak against haven light hereos

2. in General u could discuss if mass aoe spells should be nerfed, if they are too strong, at the start all is fine, but latter on it gets a Little rough, the amount of damage is incredible with some spells, be it aoe heal against undeads or other mass aoe stuff, earlier i thought it woud be fine since might hereos have other benefits but what if u have lost ure army for some reason and have to regroup?
the mage will still have his overpowered spells he can draw strengh of but the might hero will have Trouble to get his skills and stats working without an army,
on the other side with the same army strenght the Bonus from a might hero is also very strong, so maybe it is justified, just some Points i throw in here, i'm really not sure what to do, i guess if opponents are equal, it should be fine (: so maybe there is no Need for a big Change in General, heal spell should be changed tough because its real undead killer with no drawback while other aoe spell also damage ure own army

12-22-2015, 04:22 AM
+uptaded (:

12-22-2015, 10:07 AM
Really? Wyvern is weak? It has the best initiative in stronghold town and decent growth and poison. It is super good unit in the most powerful town of H7. The wyvern is fine, don`t boost it.

Legionnaires are OP with their ability but that`s how haven works. I don`t like it either and maybe their ability should be lowered to 33 % dmg for legionnaire 33 % for actual unit instead of 25 %/25%.

12-22-2015, 03:55 PM
Really? Wyvern is weak? It has the best initiative in stronghold town and decent growth and poison. It is super good unit in the most powerful town of H7. The wyvern is fine, don`t boost it.

Legionnaires are OP with their ability but that`s how haven works. I don`t like it either and maybe their ability should be lowered to 33 % dmg for legionnaire 33 % for actual unit instead of 25 %/25%.

i didnt Play a lot with stronghold yet, i just compared the the wyvern with other elites and there it seems a liitle weak, also if i fight neutral wyverns they are very weak because of their low stats, poison is only for the upgraded Version, i still dont like ist power Level but that are just my 2 Cents

some nerf for shield wall is needed i think, i have a lot easier skirmish maps if i Play with haven than anything else ive played so far f.e sylvaan or dungeon

12-22-2015, 04:42 PM
another Problem i've noticed is dark Magic, most mage hereos usually spec in one Magic School and try to GM it, dark Magic is a Little weak at the start, weakness and despair are spells i like but they have low Impact at the start of a map, while weakness might be fine, despair is not, it is just too random and the amount of morale lowered is too low, it should decrase morale more, i would boost it by around 50%, i also dont think i will be too powerful later on since other spells like agony will be prefered by then and u could also use dimishing Returns if it turns out to be too strong

i think it is the same for the Tier 1 fire spell that increases morale, it should also get a boost, These spells are fine later when u have more Magic but at the start they are too weak, sometimes u will get nothing out of them just because they dont proc, spells like sunburst,firebolt, Regeneration always work, no matter what

the Problem is mage hereos have to relay on their spells, might Heros get high attack and defense, and even warcries, so Magic has to be balanced and always needs a really good way to control the battle with Impact, something despair and burning Determination? arent doing atm because morale is a random System, esypecially at lower levels

12-22-2015, 05:31 PM
I don't think it is wise to specialize in one magic school especially with wisdom abilities. While I agree that weakness/despair are bad for beginning this is what dark magic is, it is powerful in the end. Depending in found spells and hero class you can specialize in another school. Heck even u can be effective with inner fire/storm arrows without mastery - tried that with Mage dungeon hero.

12-24-2015, 10:57 PM
well, the Problem is that on harder maps u Play on heroic u dont have endless Points to spend and especially at the beginning of the map it is important to be effecient and not putting 2 in dark Magic 2 in fire Magic while u also have to skill other things like paragon to get more ep or economy for Gold, it is even hard to build a a Magic guild while building the core buildings because u dont have many reources at the start and enemy's armies are very hard

and starting with spells that give a tiny morale boost to ure already weak army or lowering enemy morale by a tiny amount barely will do something while firebolt can destroy dozens of enemies or regen heal lots of cores, i just still dont like the Balance of the Magic Schools at the start, some boost for spells like despair, burning Determination, luck dice would really be welcome because they are too weak at the start to Support Magic hereos as they should
if u would Change the formula that they gave around 50% more f.e burning Determination will give around 14 morale the the start, if u would buff it it would give 21 morale, that is still not op, it would still be very luck dependent because mage hereos dont have a lot destiny or leadership,

u could Change the formula that the spells starts with a higher Minimum value and increases by Magic just as before atthe Moment the power creep is like this

start of map:
1. Magic hereos who have acces to damaging spells
2. Magic hereos who have acces to defending/restoring spells
3. might hereos
4. Magic hereos who have only acces to morale,luck,initative,movement affecting spells

mid/end of map:
1. Magic hereos that had acces to damaging spells or restoring spells at the start of the map and might hereos
2. Magic hereos that had a bad start because of bad luck with spells

01-11-2016, 12:42 AM
up because still important!

02-04-2016, 09:22 AM
I agree. Spells should be balanced. First two weeks completely depends on spells you get (or don't get). It's strange that might heroes don't depend on anything (I've played a map or two without even building a guild as Might heroes) and mages depend on randomness.

02-04-2016, 12:28 PM
Thanks for the balancing suggestions all. Seplls is something that is on the table to be looked at. I think something some be done with AoE abilities as well as the scale seems too high in mid/late game. Also Sometimes I would like the option to use the spell as a single target and not AoE so 2 options would be nice (that provide different benefits) Defiantly monitoring the thread.

02-05-2016, 12:56 AM
Legionnaires are OP with their ability but that`s how haven works. I don`t like it either and maybe their ability should be lowered to 33 % dmg for legionnaire 33 % for actual unit instead of 25 %/25%.
fully agree