View Full Version : Did AC:Unity receive any kind of patch recently ?

12-19-2015, 05:44 PM
I came back to this game after 3-4 months or so... back then it was running around 45 FPS at max with occasional 37FPS when getting into really dense areas. I turned it on today and my jaw hit the floor at how perfectly it performs now and even looks nicer. First thing I did was check the Graphics settings which were put to HIGH by default, so I put everything to MAX except the AA which is on FXAA.

But the last time, no matter what settings I used, the game ran around 45FPS constantly and 60FPS only if I put some certain settings off or low. Now it runs perfectly, like Shadow Of Mordor type of silky smooth.

I know that for example Mass Effect 2 has terrible performance if you run the game through Origin (the interface overlay causes the issue) so I think the same could be with UPlay, which has improved quite a lot since the last time I played Unity.

EDIT : Ah yes, I forgot to mention. Even the Main Menu used to have terrible mouse lag before. Now it's all silky smooth.

12-19-2015, 07:04 PM
No it didn't, but you know latest patches for Unity fixed and optimized performance for the game to high degree and don't forget that drivers optimizations play a big role since it has been a year now and with every driver release, Nvidia/AMD might add more performance optimization for released games.

Unity runs at 55 FPS for me @ 1440p maxed out with FXAA on single GTX 970, so this is great considering the textures and graphics fidelity of the game.

12-19-2015, 10:26 PM
I noticed Unity ran much much better when I re-played it recently vs a few months ago too, it was driver related though. If I switched back to older drivers I would get the crummy performance again. If it's a Nvidia card you are running you might encounter some crazy artifacts in Helix Rift and Server Bridge missions. If you do the only solution seems to be reverting to older drivers for those missions. At this point it does'nt seem like a fix will ever be forthcoming.


12-19-2015, 11:15 PM
I started playing Unity on PS4 right at the start of January this year, after the major patch and it played pretty flawlessly for me.

I did not have a game save or anything historic, I started clean after the patch. I think the problem people had is playing with a game save before it was fixed and then playing with the patch. It may have been the patch not working correctly or something?

All I know is I had none of the issues reported as I waited until January and as such, found the game extremely enjoyable.