View Full Version : Terrorist Hunt - Where are all the players?

12-19-2015, 04:17 AM
Since the update there have been less and less players in terrorist hunt even during the day. Now anywhere past 10:30pm it is virtually impossible to get enough players to start a match.

Why is this? Has everyone got bored and just lost interest in it already, less than 3 weeks after game launch? Or, is it because matchmaker regional groupings have been tightened up too much after people moaned about playing with foreign language speakers? Whatever it is its not good at all.

Surely at any given time of day there are enough players around the world to get a measly 5 together for a game? I would rather play with a slightly high ping and teammates I can't understand than to sit in a lobby with maybe one or two other players waiting for ever and ever to get a game. Tonight at 1:30am I could not even find ONE other player in matchmaking. Really??? I kept trying for 25 mins but nobody showed up at all. NOBODY!!!

At 1:30 in the morning in the UK I can understand that most of the European crowd will have thinned out, but the USA crowd should still be busy and ping to the USA is more than playable. Why can't we join games with them? I would play with people from the other side of the planet just to get a game because there's no escaping the glaring truth - no players = no game!

Please can you relax the regional groupings a bit to allow us to at least get a game? As it stands this game is practically dead for me as TH is my thing and I don't play MP - for multiple reasons. With no SP to fall back on other than a few "situations" and lone wolf mode, what is left? Nothing! Even if you gave players the option to vote on starting a game with less than a full squad. Let us play with 2, 3 or 4 players if we want. Should be our choice anyway as you can already do that with a group of friends.

This has been the quickest death of any coop game I've ever had. Lets say this again... Less than 3 weeks since launch!!!!! Extremely disappointing to say the least.

Please do something to save this game before everyone has had enough and gives up on it.