View Full Version : What can we expect the game to a guild, clan or team ?

12-19-2015, 01:08 AM
For all players who write on this forum what are you waiting for The Division in terms of game content ?

I was fine scan on this forum but nothing appeared to my eyes.

In terms of content , what is the interest of forming a clan, guild or team in the division? In the game , what distinguishes a group of random players from a group of four players with the same identity?

In the trailer of E3 2013, we can see a raven's group againt a .50 caliber's group. And now what's happen ?

for a game that wants 100% social, what tools are in place? only a friend list or lists of friends?

I wish I could choose to form a group from a hub first among the players in my clan / guild / team before watching that is present in my or my friends lists and to finish among the players around me.

ps : i use google trad.