View Full Version : UK Player looking for mature group/clan

12-17-2015, 10:47 PM
Hey folks. I'm looking for a team to join, but am really fussy! I'm looking for a team that is British only with adult players (I'm 27) who don't mind offesnvie and appauling jokes ;) I rage (but don't rage quit) and am half decent. Am looking for a group of players who play properly and take the game seriously, but have banter at the same time!

I would like to be involved in matches/competitive play, but due to shift work I don't expect it as I would not be able to commit to be online at set times :p however, it would he nice to be involved in some sort of competitive scene. I use to play Counter Strike 1.6 at a competitive level, so am familiar with 5vs5 tactics.

And finally, I want to play with a group who talk to each other! Since having this game I have come across too many matches where I'm the only mic jockey in the game which really pees me off ��

Anyhow, if you can find me a loving home, please drop me a message on xbox. My GT is Teabaag1988. I don't come on here very often so there won't be much point in replying here :p and if you do reply here then I know you haven't bothered reading all of this post and have just copied and pasted some tosh about your clan, to which I'm not interested ��