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12-16-2015, 06:26 PM
I am in the process of building a R6 community via the PS4 Communities so players will never have to play alone. Being that Rainbow 6 Siege is a team based game I will be striving for a competitive community that has fun but is serious when need be.

Community Goals:
- Establish a good size community so no man is left behind, multiple squads running at a time

- Keep the environment competitive so players continually push their abilities

- Have community events, tournaments, scrimmages amongst the community, or practicing strategies in custom matches

Drama free environment, I have led a handful of clans across different games and this is what I have found works best

I will have a zero tolerance policy for harassing members of the community. Any issues will be handled by myself at my discretion.

Along with harassing, I will not tolerate people deliberately annoying the community. If your actions anger the majority of the community you may be removed from the community.

More info:A) With me personally, you can joke around however you want. I do not get offended. But if you're joking around with someone and pissing them off you need to recognize that you need to stop.

B) Everyone is different therefor everyone will have different boundaries. If you're not sure if you will offend someone than don't say it

C) Long story short, have fun but keep this community drama free & mature
Requirements to join:

- Have a mic
- Work well with teams
- No K/D requirement
- Can take a joke
- Competitive
- Desire to get better
- Makes call outs
- Be Mature (No set age requirement)

About me:I am a competitive FPS player who enjoys PvP in any game. Siege is my favorite game right now and the team play in Siege makes it a lot of fun. I've been gaming for about 10 years now, have dabbled in MLG, led clans across multiple games, and am an overall gamer.

In regards to Siege specifically, I almost always lead the squads in game, make spawning decisions, & develop strategies as we go. For ranked play my W/L Ratio is currently at a 5.4 back by a K/D of 2.6. 43% of my kills are a head shot which I think is an important aspect to Sieges gun play. I am not an elitist at all and I enjoy helping others improve their gameplay.Lastly, here is a clip I submitted to IGN for their weekly Top Six Kills for Siege. My play style is very aggressive however it is far from reckless.