View Full Version : Searching for a Group/Clan

12-15-2015, 02:44 PM
Hi there,

I m Sebastian from Germany and I want to play with a Group/Clan of Players who plays with tactics and communicate.

I m currently Level 52 @ RB6S with a playtime of ~ 80 hours.

You should be from Germany, Austria, Swiss, UK or NL and speak English or and German to communicate well! Also you should be at minimum 6-7 Players so that we can play more often (I dont like playing gathers all the time). Skill Level should be medium / high. I dont like when gamer wine after they were killed. I need silence during around. Besides that you should be over 20 years so no kids please and you should have a lot of humor ;-).

If you still wanna team up with me msg me @ xbox live ( gt: COM Radetzky )

That you for reading,