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12-14-2015, 10:47 PM
Hi Guys I recently started to replay ACS because of the new DLC :) (I'm so happy I really wanted a Jack the Ripper DLC or game :D) and I started to think why ACS is an average game and why it doesn't stands out and I'm posting this because I really think if Ubisoft care and as other companies do ACS could be greatly improve with a mayor patch :) I think the biggest problem with ACS its the lack of immersion among others problems but in my opinion Ubisoft has A+ in recreating the past but when you're playing it's seems more like you are watching a picture, cause the world doesn't feel alive and in my humble opinion its because of the NPC's. Let's see shall we:)

When you're walking on the streets random events happens in ACS for example a thief is running and you need to tackle the thief... Ok you tackle him and what?? what happens with the thief he/she just rise and keep walking as if nothing happens... why the lady or the man do not call the police? Why we cannot escort the criminal to the police :/ and the police officer could give us a small reward.... as the secondary missions but in random events.

OK another thing why the hell if we murder someone in the streets people don't call the ****ing police?? I really don't understand the just scream a little bit get frighten run a little bit and then don't worry the man just killed someone nothing happened :/ WTF! guys...

Why the hell you allowed us enter to the pub and see other dancing and getting drunk and we cannot... I really find this really sad when I enter a pub and see others getting drunk and not being able to interact in any way. You should've included drinking games and bar fights.

This one its really stupid why when a box full of dynamite explode they provoke no dismemberment... Common guys what happened??

When raining people in real life takes out their umbrella or at least go and cover in ACS it doesn't matter how is the weather they just keep doing what they always do, that's sad :(

Walking down any street meant you would see an array of fancy dresses with equally elaborate umbrellas. You forgot about fashion my friends :/ Itís definitely hard to deny that Victorian fashion is simply the best there ever was.

The only stores available in London are black market stores? Because every single store in the ****ing huge London only sells ammo and maps :/ you guys should be ashamed.

Jacob and Evie are different individuals even if the are brother and sister they should have a more different skill tree, not only three freaking skills that differentiates them...

Why the hell so many chests do you guys really need them right? so when we the players see the map say holly **** this is huge and full of things to do right?? and in reality there are just like 5 things we can do... You've brilliant developers :D Shame on you guys :( Curse you guys.... XD

Why the hell the are all the enemies copycats from each other?? There are only like 6 different faces . Shame.

BTW I haven't saw any black people in London son't even as workers why is that?? Are you guys racists??

Why is no a single board game?? Darts or checkers could be a lot of fun :)

Honestly you guys have eliminate tons of things from previous AC like: tailors, art merchants, banks, etc. why??? I mean I loved visit those places in previous games :(

Why we cannot visit at least theaters. Victorian people loved theater. you could have implemented that like GTA 4 did.

Why your gang doesn't have headquarters?? That would be cool and if you could name a leader per headquarter could have been cooler :) (Similar to ACR)

There are way to few outfits, and the few outfits we have are very much similar :(

For heavens sake Jacob is a gang leader you could have add robbery similar to Payday style. :)

Also I've found error in how the missions are developed. I think free the children have the most issues (Its way too easy which make it boring ) but that's already done you guys should be more careful for next time:)

I really liked the penny dreadful's and Charles ****ens's missions they were really fun to play in my opinion but I think they could be improve.

Well this has been really long I'm sorry but I really think this game could be improve by massive patch to make ACS the best AC possible. I know if you do this because if you've plans to throw another AC in 2016 won't benefit you guys also because this game sells sucked, But I truly believe if you show people that you care about your games you will get your fans back so I really hope you don't forget this game cause I honestly had fun playing it but overall still an average game and that's really bad.


12-15-2015, 12:42 AM
I've actually seen quite a few black people in London, most of them in fancy clothing. Glad they weren't just included as workers.