View Full Version : Some positive feedback for a change ;)

12-13-2015, 04:35 PM
As a software dev I know how demotivating constant criticism can be, and often criticism has its place, but I feel like the good aspects are glossed over too much in many cases. So I would like to give some positive feedback for a change.
First of all, I consider my self a very skeptical person when it comes to games and how they are made, how the mechanics work etc. For example, I strongly dislike BF4 and SWBF, for several obvios reasons that I wont discuss here. They are both just objectively really poorly made games. Also I am a fairly experienced CS:GO player meaning I value competitiveness and fairness in a game.

Coming from those experiences with games that are shiny on the outside, but ugly on the indsie, Rainbox Six Siege is the complete opposite. Of course, like every game, it has some issues that are being worked on and that is ok. But it also has a lot of things that are really really good. I have to say, I have not participated in the Alpha or Beta, so I am talking about this as the game was released December 1st.

- The gunplay is amazing. Finally a FPS where a headshot with any weapon is a one shot kill. This is just the simplest and most logical way of rewarding aiming skill. Still with only body shots it can take quite many hits to down someone, giving them a fair chance to react to it. Also the "downing" mechanic is great to again give players a second chance if the enemy allows it.
- The map design is great. Every wall seems to be deliberately placed for a reason, not just to seperate space and provide cover, but also to control the way a map plays out in a very well thought out way. Distruction is not completely random, like in other shooters, but has a meaning. And it is also so intuitive, wood = destructible, stone = not destructible.
Thank god, someone finally understood this!!
- Rewarding intelligence is the best way of defining skill. Again, the gameplay is not random, but if you know someone that the enemy does not, you have a clear advantage and if your information is correct, you will most likely win that situation. It makes sense! And even if you fail and die, it was for a reason, in most cases because you misjudged the situation or mates made wrong calls. And again that is ok, that is how it should be.
- Expediting team play like no other. If you dont talk in ranked, you lose, 99% of the time. Again it comes down to gathering intelligence, knowing things the enemy does not and therefore creating an advantage for yourself. You have to act like one organism and that is what team play should be.
- Customization is a nice addition to a very good game. It is so nice to see customization that, again, makes sense. And none of it is pay to win, everything that is needed for the core gameplay can be achieved with in-game reknown and for gameplay "unneeded" skins can be bought with real money. That's how in-game monetization should be, and I hope that it stays that way.

All in all Rainbow Six: Siege for me personally, even taking into account all the problems it still has, is the game of the year 2015. Not GTA V, not Fallout 4, no Dice-Game for sure, but Rainbow Six: Siege, and rightfully so. Keep up the great work, keep improving step by step, and this game can easily take over the place of CSGO as most played competitive fps in the next months and years. You have a diamond at your hands, keep polishing it. ;)