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12-12-2015, 09:53 PM
Recision Esports

Scrims Info:
Currently we are looking for other teams to scrim and play against to practice for events. Not only will we be able to practice against each other but we want to get to know a lot of teams so when we hear of tournaments and special events we can notify you. We will also be hosting our own tournaments soon that we can invite your team to. If you are wanting to play sometime, here is some information.
- Xbox One only
- North American Team (Specifically East Coast United States)
- Eastern Standard Time Zone (AKA New York Time)
- Monday-Thursday=6pm-11pm, Friday=6pm-1pm, Saturday-Sunday=Varied Times
- Contact = TheyCallMeeCJ (Xbox Live Gamertag)

Recruitment Info:
Recision Esports is always looking for new members to expand our organization. Currently, we are just a single team but we hope that we are able to gain enough members to have multiple competitive teams as part of an organization and even just a casual "Clan" that can be for the general public looking for a group. As of right now though, we are looking for competitive, active players with good communication that are interested in competing. Here are some of our requirements..
- North American (For connection issues)
- Xbox One only
- Mic / Headset, no Kinect
- Mature
- Active (Be able to play frequently even if its not every day)
- Competitive (We are looking for players looking to improve and win)
- Registration capabilities (Be able to access and register possible event websites that we may compete on)

If you have any questions please feel free to ask on here or you can message me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: TheyCallMeeCJ