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12-11-2015, 06:08 PM
Team Kraken is looking for more for our 2nd team, and additionally others looking for play as a team. We have 2 competitive teams, that will be playing in leagues and tournaments as well as casual teams that will enjoy playing ranked and casual games as they see fit.

Our top players are currently 20.0+ W/L ratio in ranked, and consist of Alpha, Beta and Tech testers.

We are looking for two types of players at this time:

Competitive Members Professional, team-orientated, players for our second competitive team. These players are detail oriented, play consistently and can provide and accept criticism. These applicants are heavily scrutinized before being accepted as apart of the team. Thick skin and the ability to know when to have fun and goof around, and when not too is mandatory.

If the above is too much, or you feel you're not ready for this we are accepting:

Team Members Alternatively, we are looking for players that enjoy the game, and want others to play with in a more organized environment without the stress of super competitive play, but maybe wish to move into it in the future. You are free to bring guests to play with you in our TeamSpeak and play in a fun/stress-free environment
For more information, Add us on uPlay:


or join our TS and ping one of us for further discussion. ts84.gameservers.com:9207

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Is this thread still active or not? And if so are you accepting new participants?