View Full Version : Version update 1.2 (14.12.2015)

12-11-2015, 01:00 PM

New Features
Christmas is coming! Celebrate this year's holidays with special event quests and a new Christmas tree ornamental.
Construction preview now lists all gains and costs for every building.
Effects granted by modules can now be seen within the module object menu.
Object menu of residences now features the total inhabitants, workforce supply, and generated revenue per building.

Fixed several states where the player's Command Ship could get lost.
Fixed a bug that caused a black screen on startup.
Fixed an issue where buildings’ output (energy, inhabitants, logistics, etc.) on arctic and moon regions was subtracted from the total count if these buildings were located outside of a shield radius or heat supply while switching between sectors.
Please note: It might happen that your total population, energy production or logistics balance is going to change dramatically depending on the number of buildings affected by this issue!
Fixed a bug where residences disappeared while being promoted from Executives to Investors.
Pressing ESC multiple times shouldn't break the corporation creation screen anymore.
Fixed several random crashes when switching corporations or loading sectors.
The statue on Viridian Coves can no longer be destroyed by attack drones.
Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to continue with their Sector Projects (drone not showing direction, resources not being picked up by ship, quest objects not spawning, etc.).
Fixed several bugs that led to a situation where players were not able to complete optional quests because of a broken unloading/towing behavior.
Construction preview now shows correct logistics values when placing a production building.
Fixed several minor GUI issues on the Conflict Zone Debriefing screen.
Fixed a bug where the logistics preview showed incorrect values when constructing a building.
Onscreen feedback of energy buildings like Fusion Reactor and Gas Power Station now reflects the proper energy sector balance.
Adjusted the voting screen thresholds to properly reflect the actual results.
Adjusted several Infotips.

Audio: Some UI elements didn't always play a sound on activation - this should be fixed now.
Audio: Fixed a bug where audio messages in videos didn't stop when the user switched to desktop.
Audio: The Shield Generator now always plays a sound when being built/destroyed.
All of the above mentioned quest bug fixes should not only be fixed for future corporations but also retroactively for existing savegames.

We redesigned the trade route wizard to allow better access to this feature.
Erasing upgraded residences now also grants a construction refund.
Conflict zone mission reminder intervals increased to 1h15min.

Loading processes are now faster and consume less memory.
Implemented performance optimizations for Intel HD Graphics.
Enhanced reflections (can be toggled in graphics settings).
Seas now also have reflections.
We beautified the sea foam.
Several other performance optimizations.