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12-10-2015, 05:55 PM
Alrighty to start things off I just bought Rainbow 6, heard great things about it (despite the wonky joining servers as a party) and by god your store is a mess.


1. I live in Sweden, my installed client is in English as it is my preferred languange. If you keenly notice ½ of this is in Suomi, ½ is in Swedish. ??
2. It's asking me if I have uplay or not, and if I do to "start uplay". Ahem.. Appears the Uplay client doesn't recognize itself. I understand the cooperation between the client and webshop, but *******...
3. "Tack för din förhandsbeställning" this translates roughly to "Thanks for your preorder". 9 days after your release, in your own client showing your own store. I feel embarrassed for you. (I realise in the linked picture I've scrubbed out the date of the purchase, give me the benefit of the doubt that I did purchase this today for I feel not hassling uploading another damn picture with the date. I hope I'm doing you a favour showing these mistakes. Spending my own freetime with this post...)

So yeah.. I figured hey, I'll lob this over to Ubi maybe they can polish their shi-.. shop a little 'til next time eh! So nice! Man even your website doesn't work.. at least not for me and I doubt I'm doing anything unusual with my webclient. I use chrome on windows 7, that about it.
1st issue: Clicking your footer link for customer support takes me to a 404 error site, this is the URL: https://support.ubi.com/%7B%7Bvm.currentLocale%7D%7D/
I'm sorry but I'm not the one breaking anything. Your link doesn't work. I'm guessing it's supposed to grab my location via the "Bvm.currentLocale"

Had some problem with the forum login, but have no SC or explanation of it now since I can't recreate the error. Simple mention though that when I logged in, I never got to the "thanks for logging in - Redirecting you now" but instead it didn't really work.. Half-assed explanation my apologies.

There you have it. Nothing that prevented me giving ubisoft money so maybe it's not a problem for you? But as a user this is why I prefer steam and best case scenario no client at all.

12-15-2015, 07:35 PM
The shop has always been a mess, really. There is 0 difference between using it in your browser and using it in the Uplay client, so it will not detect that Uplay is installed, nor will it change the language to your Uplay language. It just takes the language for the country you're in. I always prefer to use the shop through my normal browser, because the browser in Uplay isn't very good anyway and doesn't add anything. For the language part, I'm afraid there have been many complaints about this and no solution from Ubisoft...

PS The English name for Suomi is Finnish :P