View Full Version : The Voodoo Squad (Vudu Crew)

OG Samedi
12-10-2015, 03:10 PM
I recently decided to start a gaming community for R6 Siege.
I am based in the United States but welcome all gamers who speak English.
The only two rules are 1) Respect other members. 2) Own a headset.

I have a rank system in mind but currently looking just to start up.

I have about 8 years of experience in online gaming communities:

2008-2009 | KSI Second Lt. | Halo 3 Division
2009-2010 | ZETA Captain | Halo 3 Division
2010-2012 | ZETA General | Halo Reach Division
2012-2014 | ZETA General | Halo 4 Division

12-11-2015, 08:54 AM
Im looking for a squad to play with, i would like to join man.