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12-10-2015, 12:42 PM

Yes, you read correctly, this is a recruitment/advertisement showing off our newly formed Facebook group.



[COLOR="#FFA500"]Unless you've clicked above then you're still wondering what the group is for and about. Well, it's pretty simple, we're ALL about Tom Clancy's The Division! No matter what platform you're on, no matter what age you may be, no matter the question you need answering, you're WELCOME to come and join in on the fun that is The Division. If you're a hardcore, casual, a weekend warrior or even vampire gamer you're welcome here, we're happy to cater for all.

Even with The Division being several months away from release, it's good to be prepared, to be informed and to meet n greet other like-minded gamers. Also, like many other gamers, we like to plan ahead and form fireteams/clans in preparation for release, this was one of the many reasons this Facebook group was created

So come and join us, get involved, have fun, create events, post pictures/videos and debate your Division issues with us!

To add; We are currently recruiting for admin positions, if this interests you then please contact me here via a PM. All we ask is you be mature and assist in helping us recruit for the group via social media and gaming forums.

If you'd like to contact me on PSN or Facebook my ID is CivRules for both..

Personally, I hope The Division and our Facebook Group both flourish.