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12-10-2015, 03:59 AM
MisterWillow has the right idea of discussing topics using information we already have. It's an interesting change from the usual what-we-want-to-see threads, so I'll add to it.

With all of the information I have gathered (and having played the game), I believe what everyone should expect is a close-combat warfare game with some realistic elements, not particularly the other way around. Now, I know we pride For Honor for its more grounded approach in close-combat with the AOB system and all but this thread isn't made to rip it apart; it's to set a balance for our expectations regarding its realism.

For Honor's story has historical elements (like characters, settings, and some nuances), but it is not historically accurate. Knights vs samurai vs vikings never happened. ...Unfortunately. The Chosen, Warborn, and Legions are all fictional factions made specifically for the game's story. And gameplay doesn't exactly fair much better. There are feats such as being able to aim and command Arrow Storms and Catapult Strikes on the battlefield, including self healing. Many of the attacks in the game, such as the Oni's counter attack, are more for show and to create an in-game hero distinction, rather than realistic practicality. There are also heroes that uses weapons that weren't generally used back then, such as the flails. This is more of a short round-up than a list of everything.

The game gives a lot of nod to history with its usage of half-sword and its recreation of the three factions, but all in all, I believe we should not expect or demand too much realism from For Honor. It is made to give us the feeling of a warrior, and while it give a seaming historical premise and some accurate techniques, it still lingers more towards its video game roots unlike Kingdom Come: Deliverance that wears its historical accuracy on its sleeves. This doesn't mean we can't ask for some more realism, though. Again, the game has it, and that's what captivates many of us but I hope for everyone to reach a level of expectation.

I know for some people, this is a no-brainer, but there are people who'd like to see the characters fight with spears instead of swords for realism sake. :p I also want to read what you guys think about it. Personally, I'm okay with this. I think if it tried to be very historically accurate, that would ruin the appeal of the game for me. Knights vs samurai vs vikings is a badass concept and being able to command catapult strikes in the middle of battle is hella fun. I also think if they removed a lot of the feats and made combat less bombastic, it wouldn't be that interesting to watch.

12-10-2015, 10:20 AM
Great post. Not quite sure what I could add to its general spirit, other than the first video I saw of Skallgrim was the one about how realistic the combat in For Honor was (amazingly, I suppose, given my interests, I had never heard of him before), and I agree with his general conclusion that the combat is realistic---in that, nothing displayed defies the laws of physics, so it could realistically occur---but it isn't necessarily accurate. The most glaring example of this is the pirouette, which has been brought up here several times, and is the biggest target of people's ire.

Now, again, I'm going to defend this, for two reasons.

One is a purely aesthetic---like the Oni's guard break/counter, where he rolls over his opponent's back, it's something that looks cool, and as you've pointed out, that shouldn't be a source of major outrage, since the devs seem to want something leaning toward realism (or accuracy) with just a bit of flair.

The other is mechanical, that is, how the spin is implemented is not really all that unrealistic within the circumstances of its in-game execution. First, it does not (in the case of the Warden, anyway) occur as the initial strike; it is always as a follow-up attack, that is building on (or simply maintaining) the momentum and power of the first strike to deliver another from the same direction, which is perfectly reasonable even from a combat scenario in which the first strike staggers the defender of a moment, giving the attacker an opening to perform such a manoeuvre in the time that it takes the defender to recover. It is also only present in the two-hit heavy attack, and then either from the top or left positions (the right heavy follow-up is a mordhau strike). It doesn't appear as part of light attacks at all.

The execution where a spin appears (the decapitation) doesn't seem to bother people, since their opponent is already dead, so I don't think that needs any defending. (examples here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1344540-The-Chosen-hold-their-sword-wrong-while-it-is-at-their-hip?p=11202235&viewfull=1#post11202235))

Again, great topic/PSA/point of order that, given a few posts, is needed to attune people a bit in the game's apparent balance between realism and flair.


12-10-2015, 07:55 PM
I have to say im not a huge fan of realism in games. I like fighting scenes that look doable and physically correct but also a little flashier than actual fighting. Im not a expert, far from it actually but i dont think that a actual fight did last for long and would probably not be entertaining to watch ( well except for ancient rome i guess, i bet they put a show nonetheless).

I like action over authenticity and, boy do i love dual wielding, its so awesome. There are exceptions though there also is too flashy for me like the finishing moves in AC Syndicate for example, they just look like they would add insult to injury and are only there for show, i would like to see a more "efficient" way of fighting for a master assassin
also a little just a little respect for ones enemy.

What i mean by that is that some moves in AC Syndicate dont really match the setting i expect. The setting in for honor fits quite well in my opinion, it sounds absolutely ridiculous to let vikings fight samurai and knights but it works surprisingly well.

For me the AoB system contains enough authenticity even a little more than i would ask for.^^ The fighting looks (almost) beleivable and badass at the same time.

I know that this is an unpopular opinion and may not be authentic but i would love to see dual wielding in this game:rolleyes: