View Full Version : Looking for European COMPETITIVE players

12-09-2015, 08:10 PM

As the title suggests, we are recruiting high skilled players for a TEAM, not a clan.

To keep it short and sweet, two of us have many years of competitive playing Call of Duty, winning 1 playoff trophy and 1 league on Gamebattles.

We maintain above an 80% Win/Loss ratio in FPS games like Battlefield Franchise, Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty Franchise and now Siege.

Initially we will play on Gamebattles/Decerto/EGL with the hope of attending events hosted by ESL or other organisations .

If you are seriously interested in trying out and can put the time and effort in, and you think youre a high level player message me on xbox. GT: Praeturion

The team already has one of the best players in Europe, just looking for to build a team around him.

Currently looking for 2 players.

Graphics done, sponsorship pending.