View Full Version : BUG: Bomb defuser neither pickable, nor deployable after shot down and revived

12-09-2015, 02:12 PM
I found a bug - I was carrying the defuser in a game of Terrorist hunt - Disarm. I was shot down, and when my teammate revived me, I didn't have the defuser ON ME, but it wasn't dropped on the ground either. The "Pick up" sign for the defuser was pointing at my character and continued pointing even after I moved my character. This issue was confirmed also by teammate.

In practice the defuser was not available for planting by me or for picking up by my teammate.

Game Mode: Terrorist Hunt - Disarm (Attacker)
Map: Chalet
Platform: PlayStation 4
Bomb location: Level -1 (minus 1)
This happened in the room where the bomb is located.