View Full Version : Smoke's toxic gas- SAS all have gas masks, so why arn't they immune?

12-09-2015, 11:06 AM
Just to start i love this game, cant wait for the mid-dec patch (when is that btw?? 16th??) and to see the improvement mentioned in the ANA.

I was just wondering, is there a counter to Smoke's toxic gas? except for the current 1of "RUN AWAY or wait till its over" coz as i see it all of the SAS have gas mask's and fillters (except smoke, ironicly) so shouldnt they just be able to walk thru no harm like??
If its jus a visual thing then ok but what is the counter to it?
All operators have gagets that can be countered dont they?

And on a side note, why does Thatcher hold a Shot-gun when he dont/cant even use 1?

Any thorts much aprechated (cant spell well soz)
many thx

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12-09-2015, 03:01 PM
Main reason? Balance...
You want a themed reason as well? Okay...
A) Some of the Operators with gas masks do not actually have their filters connected and none of them are re breathers.
B) Filters have a timed use. If its a used up coal filter for example. It wont do jack **** when its out.
C) Not all filters are good enough to filter all harmful particles. If Smoke has a "super duper" filter and hes gas is "special". A standard filter wouldnt cut it.

The real question in my mind is. Should Smoke have the "Article 5" view instead of the standard one because he has the immunity?

12-14-2015, 07:02 AM
I had the same issue and comment about the SAS. They all have gas masks yet "Smoke " can enter his cloud of bioweapons grade gas while the rest of his team cannot. If the other SAS agents have their masks which they wear but, don't have their filters so they are then affected by the gas cloud. So then why wear the masks at all?

The other "issue" (if you want call it that more like observation) is the stock photos of the operators seem to have weapons in their hands that they don't use at all during the matches. While I understand that design from concept to actual implementation will change I think it does add cohesiveness and continuity if "IQ" holding a 1911 will have the option to weild the 1911 and "Thatcher" holding a shotgun actually had the option to equip that shotgun. At least that appears to be the case for "Thermite", "Glaz", "Sledge", " Mute", "Smoke", and others.

12-19-2015, 01:16 PM
whats article 5 view

12-19-2015, 08:58 PM
I entirely agree with this thread. I was just talking with my crew the other day about the gas masks and how they don't even do their jobs. A person with a gas mask should be safe from the gas, and it shouldn't matter if they are attacking or defending. they are wearing gas masks. If you want to talk about balance, an attacker should also have immunity. An attacker like Thacher for example? A guy who's gadget is really useful... In Terrorist Hunt! Making his gas mask work in the smoke would make his class a little bit more useful in multiplayer.

batou323: I also thought it was strange that the guns in the pictures were not used by the people who hold them. Perhaps it's because they will be released in a future update?

janat08: Article 5 is the 11th scenario that is unlocked after you do the first 10 scenarios. It is a co-operative bomb defusal level. In Article 5 the view is limited because everywhere you go the level is entirely filled with a yellow Bio-toxin. A gas like what smoke uses. So because of this the entire team has full hazmat gear on and they have a view like what you see in the screen shot above. It looks like goggles.