View Full Version : XBOX ONE clan! Contact us!

12-09-2015, 08:17 AM
We are recruiting for The Division on XBOX ONE. We are a community of gamers looking to recruit mature and respectful individuals looking to be part of a community focused on competitive gameplay and end-game content.
No clan can survive without communication and cooperation from members. Here are some things we are looking for in members:

1) Respectful Behavior toward All
2) Consistent Playing Time
3) Willingness to Be Part of a True Gaming Community
4) Good as Part of Team-Play Gaming
5) Good Communication through Clan App and Website

If you are interested in joining the minute clinic Clan then please contact us through the following means:
1) Check out our info page http://www.pixelpuf.com/collection/76/post/1303
2) Email us at minuteclinic@outlook.com
2) Message PACKLEADER89 on Xbox One Messages.