View Full Version : Are you kidding me, ubisoft?

12-09-2015, 04:39 AM
So, I pre-order and got my ACS on November 18, 2015 spending US$59.99. As a long-term fan of the assassin's creed series, I definitely believed it worth the money - as i felt the same way for other previous assassin's creed games, even with mixed review for some of them.

Now, the time is Dec 8, 2015, you, UBISOFT, sent me an e-mail saying there is an one-day deals on Amazon and ACS is on sales for 50% - within a month of PC release. I could almost see the your sales department lurking behind my computer monitor laughing and mocking at my ignorance of pre-ordering a copy, saying, "look at his face the second he see his new game goes 50% off - IN 3 WEEKS!"

Ubisoft, are you kidding me? You sent me an e-mail ad on a new game i already own with half the price in 3 weeks. Are you expecting me to buy another copy from you?


12-09-2015, 05:48 AM
it's the christmas sales... I paid 64 around $100 and it's worth every penny to me... if you thought it was worth the money when you bought it... nothing has changed... I can buy Far Cry 3 on ebay for $10 / 7 it's still worth the full price I paid for it... it doesn't bother me others can get it for 10% of the price I paid... good luck to them... it's a great game and I know they'll love it.

What you are getting angry about is nothing... you bought something and enjoyed it and now... whether it is 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years later it costs less is unimportant because you got in at the beginning.

12-09-2015, 07:01 AM
Another way of saying it is if this kind of thing bothers you that much, just don't preorder. Especially games that have a good chance of being buggy and needing patching anyway. I would think anything on the same engine Unity uses with a big city would be prime candidates for the wait a month or so cynics.

12-09-2015, 07:14 AM
look, the distributors and sellers have to compete against digital and the sales of digital should be higher in order not to compete with themselves. also, welcome to PC gaming, it's how it's always been with the massive discounts ealry on, plus its the holiday season.

my friend who refused to buy the same game over and over, caved in and bout the game because of the price drop, so it worked as expected.