View Full Version : Last Operational Strike Team is recruiting new members!

12-09-2015, 03:05 AM
First, welcome to our team's recruitment post. Second, thank you for stopping in.

So, here you are. Looking for something. And you're either looking for a new team and leaving another, or you've rolled solo some time and have decided it is time to link up with a band of brothers.

You're searching for something, and you know what it is.
Will you find it here?

....We hope so.

For those of you, who are, the few and far between. You've just found what you are looking for.

We ARE the Last Operational Strike Team.

Let me lay it down for you, as straightforward as we can; What we are. What we want. What we need. And, where we are going.

We are a chill mil-SIM group. We train and use real life squad tactics, adapted as needed for a game's unique dynamics. We move, talk, act, look, and fight like a real life squad does in the real world. AND, we love it. Many members have military experience and enjoy vicariously maintaining that feeling. Others have not served in the military but love the teamwork, tactics, and strategy.

You have just come across an anomaly amongst teams, and because we are such a rarity, most people reading this recruit post will find out by the end that we are not what they are looking for..

Currently we play Rainbow Six: Siege, Insurgency, and Planetside 2 as our focal games. On the side, our core members dabble in Arma 3, as well.
At this point in time, We have our sights set on Squad, and Star Citizen for future endeavors.

We plan to grow. But we don't plan to explode. We will grow slowly. Methodically. Carefully. Quality over quantity.

If what we have said here peaks your interest, we highly recommend that you visit our site and read the About Us page. There you will find pretty much everything you need to know about our team.

Join us HERE (http://www.l-o-s-t-.enjin.com/home).

Thank you for your time.
~~ The L.O.S.T.