View Full Version : [XBO] Tactical team looking for additional members. {Eastern time} US/Canada

12-08-2015, 09:53 PM
Hello everyone, we are a team of very tactical players that use communication and pre planned tactics when playing Rainbow 6 Siege. We are looking for like minded players to join our ranks. We have the desire to get involved in the competitive community, and play in tournaments. If you are interested in this type of play style I invite you to send me a message and friend request on Xbox Live gamertag: Aaron5588. We do request that you have and abide by the following:

* You must be at least 18 years of age.

* You must have and use a gaming/chat headset.

* You must be willing to conform to the needs of the team as a whole, which includes but is not limited to, playing as an operator you are not used to, placing your gadgets in a requested location, fortifying a certain way, following the breaching/defending strategy planned out by the squad leader for the game, participating in team practices, utilizing the "tactical board" provided by ubisoft on the rainbow 6 website.

* You must assist the team with callouts, covering each other while advancing in hallways, tactical reloads etc..

* There will also be a short training period where potential new members will play and train with us to ensure that you can fit into our play style, and strengthen our teamwork together.

We played in the tech tests and both betas for this game an only lost four games throughout all of those. As a team we are looking at a 10.00 W/L ratio. We are not interested in K/D ratios in the slightest. This is a team game an we are looking for team players!

Most of us have played together for months to years and know each others play styles. We are seeking individuals who want to be a part of a team like this. We are all in the Eastern time zone and as such we are looking for other in the same, give or take an hour or two at the most. It is our current goal to get two separate teams within our unit as a whole to practice against and test plans. Currently we are primarily playing late night hours (typically form 23:30-03:30) we are looking to have a daytime and a nighttime team for starters. As said above if you are interested in a functional team like this we invite you to send Aaron5588 a message on XBL to request an invite.