View Full Version : My thoughts, for anyone who cares.

12-07-2015, 03:31 PM
Okay, I've played as all operators and here is some things I think about some of them.

Kapkan: Traps are too obvious, the long screw sticking outside the doorway or windowsill is a dead giveaway. If long screws were to be removed, it would make attackers slow down and act more cautiously.

Twitch: Shock drone should temporarily (For 1-2 seconds) prevent defenders from moving or attacking when shocked. this could allow one teammate to breach without fear of being shot, while twitch shocks the defender in the room.

Castle: Just putting this out there, but I think castles barricades should cover doorways down to the floor, preventing drones from entering the room, but more importantly preventing defenders from peeking underneath the doorway and shooting out attackers ankles.

Bandit: He should have at-least one more shock wire battery, 3 just isn't enough.

Overall I love this game, I think I've only enjoyed one other multiplayer game as much, which is BF4.

12-09-2015, 03:36 PM
If you play allot more... I dont think you will have your views for long.

"Kapkan: Traps are too obvious" = Intended. They are not meant to be a "main killer" type weapon, but rather to slow enemies down or take out unlucky or panicked player.

"Twitch: Shock drone should temporarily (For 1-2 seconds)" = Would be OP as **** when used coordinately. The 10dmg shock is already used to distract, but an actual "disabling root" would make it OP.

"Bandit: He should have at-least one more shock wire battery, 3 just isn't enough." = Mute can also prevent breaching metal walls by placing hes jammer there. So thats 4+3 metal walls if they combine them. On top of that Bandit can also electrify barbed wire AND deployable shields.

"Castle: ... barricades should cover doorways down to the floor" = Would break the intention of the game. The game is not meant to have areas where the drones can not travel in general and if Castle could just put up two walls to prevent any drone entry. What would be the point of Mute in general.