View Full Version : [PC][AUS]/[SEA] Looking for clan/community/people to play (compet./casual)

12-07-2015, 09:36 AM
Title says it all really.

27 year old, located in Melbourne (Aus) and would love to find a clan/community with players to team up with. I'm pretty easy going, good with team work. I'm happy to be serious, or stuff around too, got a pretty open sense of humour. I'm also pretty free to jump on anytime (outside 9-5 work hours haha). Happy to do casual, competitive or whatever combination. I also play other games too, so if there's opportunity beyond R6:S as well, I'm all for it, FPS, RTS, RPG, name it, I'm into it.

Feel free to add me even if you're just an individual player too, happy to have a chat and a few rounds, no issues. My ubi name is the same as the forum here.

I have only 1 friend on Ubi (real life) but he plays SP games, and hasn't logged in for 2 years, and my other mates all decided to move on with their lives and other priorities, so here I am, coming to you, greater community of the internet, for some gaming company!

If others are in the same boat in SEA/AUS please feel free to hijack this thread with your pleas also, hopefully if there's enough of us, we might find something among ourselves!