View Full Version : Twitch drone bug and exploit!

12-07-2015, 03:47 AM
When using twitch, quite often deploying the shock drone will have the drone land under the surface of the ground/floor/roof.

On chalet the drone fell through the map floor near the double door entrance around the corner from the basement.

On the biker club house map, I deployed the drone on the rooftop of the building and it landed inside the roof i could see through walls and the floor and was also able to see the internal frame of the building.

On the house map, the drone landed on the porch outside kitchen entrance and was stuck under the flooring.

The bank roof is another location where clipping happens a lot too.

This issue happens quite often, mostly when deploying the shock drone from a prone position. It is also more likely to clip the floor if the drone does not hit any obstructions on the way to the ground, ie pillars, walls.

It is possible to exploit this bug, if you clip the correct roof or floor you can have unfettered sight of the room and operators without them being able to see your shock drone.

12-09-2015, 03:05 PM
I want to add another minor bug to the Shock drone.
IF you select to have the cross hairs OFF... on your "ADS ability" weapons. This will ALSO remove the cross hair on your "none ADS" Shock drone view. Which makes it very hard to hit anything because you have zero reference to where the darts are aiming apart from ca center screen.