View Full Version : Looking for Serious Players who don't take themselves too seriously!

12-07-2015, 12:40 AM

I'm looking to gather some new players in the hopes of being consistently able to make 5-person squads that communicate and operate well together. Ranked multiplayer is the intended goal. There are a few of us already, but since we are located all over the place and have odd schedules, all of us getting together can be a bit of a hassle. Looking for people to fill the gaps.

A few requirements that I ask:

1. Please be 18+
2. Mics and communication skills are a must.
3. Ranked play is our intended mode of play, please be level 20 or higher.
4. Take the game seriously and be willing to work as a team. Just don't be a bossy jerk.
5. Don't take yourself too seriously! This is an overgrown hobby for most of us. When not in the middle of saving hostages who look like Eminem and disarming bombs, we like to have fun, launch jabs at each other and tend to push the boundaries of normal human decency. If you are the easily offended type, look elsewhere.

FYI, the Killer Singing Robot (Australian Accent) position is already taken.

Please message me on XBL at khoppertop or find me on the twitter at @khoppertop as well.

Thanks for looking and hope to meet up soon!

12-07-2015, 06:44 AM
Hello!! My name is IshootThruWalls and Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We're not like other clans, we are forum based with game nights, tourneys, friendly atmosphere, always someone to team up with but we break our community into Battalions (by game:Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefront, Halo, Call of Duty, BF4/Hardline, ESO/Neverwinter, and Destiny) so that you're not 'lost in the crowd' but you can party up with any DGC members! You'll need a mic and daily/weekly access to the forums.

How to join Dissension Gaming (DGC)?

1) Visit website: dgcgaming.net
2) Create account for Forums (Put IshootThruWalls, as referrer)
3) Read this thread: Apply to Join Here
4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game brigade of your choice
5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in
6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people, and start gaming!!

12-08-2015, 12:32 AM
Hit me up

Gamertag: InducedEnvy