View Full Version : IQ and Electronics: To make a better Viability?

12-06-2015, 08:50 PM
Hello, this is mainly a thread and suggestion I wanted to make in regards to making IQ a little more viable.

So for anyone whose played IQ in the past or now, you know her electronics detector is only good for placed items and/or the bomb missions. Other than that, it doesn't matter if the enemy has nitro placed because you can hear the beeping easily. Also as everyone knows you can easily see Kapkan's spikes coming from the wall making it no longer a surprise. Due to the fact that players know what to hear and listen for which render the "traps" not work as well, I wanna just make a suggestion. (Yes this leads into IQ)

Kapkan's Traps: We all know the main issue with Kapkan which is his spikes are easy to see through the wall. Unless the people in question are very dumb and don't watch for that laser or spike, his ability isn't very good as it can only be used for temporary hindrance. making it so the enemy can't see the spike would help make it much more viable for IQ to be in a team as she can detect Kapkan's traps.

Nitro: "beep, beep, beep" well I know not to go that way then! These days nitro is used to just hold onto instead of actually setting traps for enemies as it was supposed to be intended for. Anyone who can listen well can tell if there's a nitro somewhere nearby. A possible way to make IQ more viable? I'm not saying make the Nitro make no noise as that might be very, very overpowered or something, but make it harder to hear. This way unless the team is paying very close attention, they'll get blown up. This can also help make IQ more viable as her electronics detector can scan for that nitro helping the team better.

Where does IQ shine RIGHT now (NOTE: the reason I didn't put Bandit here is because his sparks can bee seen, and the reason Mute isn't here is because you can easily hear his device):

Smoke Detection: The thing about Smoke's toxin is it doesn't make noise period. This makes IQ a tremendous help to her team as she can prevent smoke from easily really hurting or killing her teammates.

Anti-Pulse: Not a common thing used but one that not many people take advantage of, She can detect Pulse's Heartbeat sensor making her the best counter to Pulse (especially when he roams). I've done this only a few times but it's incredibly fun to get yelled at by an opposing Pulse who thinks i'm wall hacking XD

Bomb Detection: People who use this (only people who've player her a lot) know that IQ can use her detection to see where the bombs are located. This makes it easier to find them if your drones failed at the job as she can see them through the walls.

(Terrorist Hunt ONLY) Anti-Bomber: Detection of a moving bomber which helps prevent that bomber from sneaking up on you and blowing you up. (though not really needed as you can easily hear the bomber).

That's just two suggestions that I think should be used in helping make IQ a bit more viable. She could be so much better with a few tweaks of the system, but for now she's mainly only for very specific situations.

She has some great guns though.