View Full Version : Game crashes now after logo videos

12-05-2015, 05:07 PM
After not having played the game for a few months, I tried to run it and it was crashing after the logo videos.
Finally I gave up on any fixes I found online because none were working and just completely removed the game and reinstalled it.

I used the integrate UPlay launcher with Steam option (not sure if I did that last time) but now my save games are not loading.
I backed them up beforehand, they are named such as: 0x1.sav, 0x2.sav, 0x3.sav and 0x6.sav
I noticed now this time, under C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\[my hardware id]\1832\ there are files 1.save and 6.save
Note the difference between 0x1.sav from before, and 1.save now. Even if i try renaming these saves, it still wont load them. Campaign saves show up as empty.
What changed since the game was updated from 1.0 to 1.1? Because it seems my 1.0 saves are broken, not working on current version.

I was at the docks part. Just as you first find the sniper rifle. If anyone has a working save for 1.1 at that part, please give a link for it.
I really dont want to replay this whole chunk of the game so far over such a pointless reason as updates and crashes.

12-06-2015, 07:15 PM
Actually its pointless trying to play the updated 1.1 version of this game, or trying to move my 1.0 saves over to it.
Why? Because the developers decided in the update to simply REMOVE the option to rebind Left and Right Mouse under the control settings.
I was like, something feels strange in the options here.. I seem to definitely recall playing with Right Mouse = walk forward, previously.
I went ahead and hunted down an old ISO of the game, version 1.0, because as we know Steam wont let you downgrade to an older version... if an update screws things up? Oh well, its STEAM! YAY!
And in this v1.0 copy, installed in its own folder without needing Steam, oh indeed the controls let me rebind Right Mouse to walk forward. Something I like to do in all my FPS games and 99% of them allow it. But it figures if any game was going to be in the 1% which dont, it would be this horribly ported wreck of a game. Have I ever heard of an update which actually limits your settings more than before? Not until now I havent. I am simply in awe Ubisoft. Uninstalled is my Steam version of the game now, and playing on a unraped v1.0 copy of the game, because its simply better. I would have loved to play 1.1 version because who knows what game breaking bugs I may yet encounter into the game on 1.0 but not at such a cost I wont.

Take note of how most game companies release updates, flawlessly integrating into the previous version. All settings still there, or improved upon. All save games simply working on the newer version. Why does this seem to be so difficult to do for this game? Anyway, /rant over.