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12-05-2015, 12:42 AM
Team Diligent

Team Diligent is a Community website/ eSports Team which was made between the NDA group and a few member of UBISOFT, We currently have teams with in Battlefield 4, Pixelmon and currently starting up the RainbowSix Siege Devision and we currently have Pixelmon Server which is under Construction which is due to be released next year to public along with some other Community and eSport Servers on Battlefield 4 and other games to be announced at later date.

Team Diligent are currently looking at RECRUITING people to play within a community and/or a eSports Team with the Community trying to be a global community we have devisons/Teams starting in NA and EU so people from all nationalites are welcome to partisipate for either devision.

for any further questions about the Team Diligent eSport Team or Community feel free to contact the Region Reprsentitives

EU Rep-
Bridges - uPLay TD-Bridg3s

Sora - uPlay TD-Sora

NA Rep-

Lord_poporn - uPlay TD-LP

CommanderofGods - uPlay TD-Gods

information about recruitment will be added to the community website within the next couple of days and a recruitment or joining application will be going up very soon. Please be patiant though due the website is LIVE but is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION so there are a few issues aware of but were be working around the clock getting everything running more smoothly for users.