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12-04-2015, 09:51 AM
Hello fellas!

As Rainbow Six dropped a few days ago, I one of them who want it to be a successful competitive game on all platforms. Still, there's some stuff to be fixed or improved. I am playing on XBOX One btw, but I can guess that those issues go for any platform.


- Hostage got stuck. I played a few rounds last night and once I got the hostage, I had to revive one of my mates. So I dropped the hostage on a random place to do so and after that nobody was able to pick up the hostage in any possible way. The round was pretty much over then,,,

-Bodylimbs and weapons glitch through walls and the enviroment. Sometimes when somebody lays down on random locations, you can see his feet for example comiing through the wall. You also can shoot at them in this case and the player is dead for that reason. That's just a no-go.

-I've just experienced a new bug a few minutes ago on the XBOX. When I strafe for example to the right very slowly and aim slowly to the left, the aiming began to stutter in a weird way for half a second. Also in the opposite way... I tried it a few more times and it happened every time again. So you are not able to aim precicly when your movement begin to stutter for no reason.
It felt like a little delay when you played an game for which your PC wasnt good enough. Havent had this bug on any other game on my XBOX.

EDIT: I restarted the game but it happens more and more. It feels like a short laggy phase but it isnt. It also happens when in dronesmode. You aim for one direction, strafe to the other and it just starts to stutter. I try out an hardreset now. That must be some kind of performence issue.
Has anyone experienced the same?

AFTER hardreset it still happens and gets stronger at times. So the game became just unplayable for no reason. I just played BF4 right after that to see if anything is wrong with my console but even on the most crowded server in total action the game runs as always without these stuttering issues. Ive seen them now on Multiplayer casual and terrorist hunt.


-Controls and sensitivity: In my opinion the controls dont feel smooth by any means and the sensitivty is really bad. In my case 3 is a bit to high with a controller and 2 is way to slow, so I want to choose something in between. Also the controls dont feel smooth like in Battlefield 4 for example. First person shooters with a controller is a bad things anyways, so the controls and possibilities of settings have to be on spot!

-Make it more competitive: To make it more successful in the scene, there should be definitely a gamemode or settings for the host to get rid of all the arcady stuff like the line of fire which you can see. Also is there way to much on the screen when I see my mates through walls and there nicknames. Also the spottingssystem is a bit to much. Get rid of this, at least as a gamemode, and it will look nicer and be more competitive. I would clearly prefer a very lowdetail radar on the side which shows my mates as blue spots and shows enemies only if they shoot without a silencer, which makes them pop off for half a second.

So these are some of my ideas and the bugs I've experienced. Feel free to add something and help make the developers know, so they can fix it soon!

12-04-2015, 03:36 PM
PS4 +1 With control issues, doesnt feel right. I need 3-4 sens and accelerator slider would be nice for fine tune.
In bf4 u can adjust everything and it does feel right.

DELAY on 1vs1,behind corner.. just horrible

12-05-2015, 10:23 AM
- I just glitch through a barricade yesterday in a game and if its not enoug, I just went back through it without a problem.
-as I died in the winecellar, my body just got stuck inside of some barrels on the side, so none of my teammates could revive me nor could i crawl out in any way

12-05-2015, 02:27 PM
idea - fix the server issues before you fix any of these dumb issues!

Also future maps (DLC) make a camera room where attackers can hack the camera feed.

12-06-2015, 09:38 PM
I've seen this mentioned in a few places but I think it is important to make it known more.

I set my dead zone to 6 and 6, but every time I start up the game again it needs to be reset. The number stay on 6 and 6 but the settings clearly aren't right. So I set them to 5 and, then back to 6 and 6 and it is all perfect again. But I really don't want to have to do this every time I start up the game.

It seems like the settings reset each time you play the game, but they don't show as reset in the options.

12-06-2015, 11:28 PM
I was playing the other night and got a message from one of my mates while i'm in match making check it come back, and my game just won't work can't click a thing. I tried everything i just sat there for a sold min, i had to turn the game on and off again making the group of 5 i had just loss cause of my game freezing, it happened twice....

Also i spawn on top of the build with my camera on the ice map a lot.

12-11-2015, 04:09 PM
Okay, here we go..
1. Operator Twitch drone falls through map, unusable after this
2. Several game crashes daily
3. The "stuck without control" bug - unable to choose operator, unable to move at spawn, kicked for inactivity. Controller basically stops working in game
4. Lagging back into previous spot while running away, got killed, ping was sub 60 at the time, no explanation
5. The "teleport bug" - enemy goes DBNO, glitches to another spot in the room
6. General netcode/ tick rate issues - prob a lag difference issue, but bullet reg is sometimes a terrible issue-- I know this is a tough one due to latency diff
7. No session join (non bug)
8. Why not but the game mode on the Operator select screen before Preparation Phase? (non bug)
9. 0x0000 etc. etc. Error, kicked from game/lobby

Great game, Great bugs