View Full Version : EU player looking for steady comp group

12-04-2015, 12:56 AM
Trying to figure out if siege is worth it when it comes to comp play. So I am looking for a group that wants to play ranked. I can play pretty much all the time except for 02:00-05:00 CEST. Solo ranked is, as I discovered pretty **** when people bring < level 20 players to ranked. WHY?!

Prior FPS experience:

Quakeworld(THE REAL QUAKE):
13th place CPL 4th Year

Team Denmark nations cup Gold

Team Denmark TDM Natios cup Quarterfinals

Vanilla Call of Duty:
S&D Eurocup semifinal – Private Parts
Top 10 S&D EU clanbase ladder
TDM Opencup First Place – Sleepwalkers ZzZ
First Place TDM ladder clanbase ladder – Sleepwalkers ZzZ
S&D Team Denmark Quarter Finals
TDM Team Denmerk Gold medal + Silver

Call of Duty 2:
MoD-eSport and various other teams I forgot
Opencup #1 and Eurocup attendee with various teams
Team Denmark S&D
Team Denmark TDM

CSGO global elite (meh who isnt these days though)

Havent played much FPS the recent years, they all blow IMO.

Add me on uplay for more info.