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12-02-2015, 03:55 PM
We are looking for a few new members to add to our group, preferably a few females that just like to have fun and donít mind cursing. My group isnít full of sailors, but in the heat of battle F bombs get dropped quite a bit. Looking to add some variety to our group if at all possible and just in case we are all located on the East Coast.

Who are we? A small group of guys, about 5-6 of us 30-40 years old, that like to play Xbox one games.

#1 Rule: just be yourself

Age: 21 and up as we are an older group or guys.

12-02-2015, 10:42 PM
Hi guys

I'm interested by your team, If you're accepting a French 31old guy living in New Zealand :)


12-03-2015, 06:27 AM
im 31 and interested in playing for fun my gamertag-andrew1877