View Full Version : US Player looking for people who are serious about teamwork

12-02-2015, 12:04 AM
I am 23, English speaking, and mature. I am looking for players to squad up with who are not immature and are playing to win. I don't know if I have enough time to dedicate a massive amount of time each week (I'm a CS major and full time legal assistant), but I will be playing as much as possible. I am not a pro by any means, but I am good. I have been a FPS player for some time.

12-02-2015, 09:20 AM

Hi There Jata ATTACK

It’s awesome to hear that you’re interested in a mature group of ppl. Whatever you decied to do, always remember to keep the gaming spirit alive and have fun. So enjoy the process and see you in the field soldier ;) Oh, if you have a chance do give us a visit.