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12-01-2015, 11:19 PM
Barricades: When the preparation period begins, do NOT put up barricades on the entrances to the objective room. People need to get around and set up their defences. Also, don't overuse barricades. I see a huge amount of people putting up lots of barricades and then picking one and sitting behind it, holing themselves in. This makes it incredibly easy to get trapped and someone with a decent aim will be able to pop your head off easy enough. Unless you're out of options, holing yourself up like this puts you and your team at a disadvantage. Versatility and flexibility are key to winning.

Reinforcements: Don't put these up willy nilly. You only get two (one if you are a recruit) and they should be used sparingly. I see many people just run off and put them somewhere without giving it much thought. Co-ordinate with your team, look at what they're doing, and try and make the most of them. You're better to have one wall completely reinforced and another one not than having them here and there on both walls.

12-01-2015, 11:35 PM
The proper strategy is to barricade doorways closer to the exterior and entry points of the building, while leaving freedom of movement around the rooms near the objective, especially leave an open pathway between the two bomb sites if those are the objectives. This "exterior-only" mentality will slow down the attackers and give you opportunities to maneuver and listen for breaches. Some maps are too small to effectively do this correctly (House), but you get the point.

Unless absolutely necessary (objective in garage on House), don't put them up on walls that face the exterior unless the attackers have already located the bomb. The spikes from the reinforcement stick through the wall and tell the attackers exactly where to expect the bomb to be.